Welcome To Springhill Elementary Schools! Home of Westen the Wildcat and Jake the Jaguar!



Mrs. Sandra Bateman
West End Memorial Elementary
P. O. Box 2139 (77 McGee Street)
Springhill NS B0M 1X0
Telephone: (902) 597-4242
 Fax: (902) 597-4248
Mrs. Sheila Maddison-Alick
Junction Road Elementary School
P. O. Box 2139 (19 Junction Road)
Springhill NS B0M 1X0
Telephone: (902) 597-4240
Fax: (902) 597-4247

Subway Day


Due to NSTU Strike Action, Work to Rule, this will be the last day for subs.  We are unable to collect money at this time.  Thank you for understanding.