School Advisory Council

Dear Parents/Guardians,

The Springhill Elementary Schools have a School Advisory Council. The purpose of a School Advisory Council (SAC) is to act as an advisory body to the school principal and to the Chignecto-Central Regional School Board on a wide range of issues, including policies, curriculum and programs, school practices, student code of conduct, student-support services, fund-raising, parent-school communication and school improvement. Most importantly, an SAC participates in the ongoing efforts of the school to continuously improve student achievement and school performance.

An SAC is made-up of parents, community members, the school principal, teachers and school support staff. School Advisory Councils are volunteer organizations that were established by the Nova Scotia Education Act.  Our first meeting of the school year is at 3:00 pm on September 25th at Junction Road Elementary. If you wish to join the School Advisory Council please contact Mrs. Maddison-Alick at 597-4240.

Thanks,  Mrs. Maddison-Alick