SES Staff

Here you will find the directory of the Springhill Elementary Staff

School Staff Directory
 Junction Road Elementary: 
Mrs. S. Maddison-Alick - Principal
Mr. I. Pyke Vice-Principal
Ms. L. Goodwin - primary
Mrs. L. Charest- Grade 1
Mrs. K. Pyke - Grade 1.2
Ms. N. Canton - Grade 3
Mr. P  Fuller / Ms. N. Crocker - Grade 4.5
Mr. L. MacDonald - Grade 5
Ms. N. Melanson - Grade 6
Ms. A. Arseneau (Early Literacy Support/ Reading Recovery)
Mrs. J. Hart (Learning Support Teacher)
Ms. D. Rushton (Administrative Assistant/Monitor)
Ms. S. Ogden (EA)
Ms. S. Hunter (EA / Monitor)
Ms. S. McCulley (EA / Monitor)
Ms. K. Goode (EA/Monitor)
Ms. J. Quinn
Mr. R. Clarke (Monitor)
Mrs. L. Arseneau (Custodian)
West End Memorial:
Mrs. S. Maddison-Alick Principal
Mr. I. Pyke Vice Principal
Mrs. K. Warwick Grade Primary.1
Ms. K. Coull 1.2
Ms. J. Tibbetts Wood Grade 2.3
Mrs. J. Gillis Grade 4.5
Mr. Brock Jackson  Grade 5.6
Mrs. A. Kranack(Early Literacy Support/Reading Recovery)
Mrs. Sarah Lake  (Learning Support Teacher)
Ms. C. Crowe (Administrative Assistant/Monitor)
Ms. T. Ruddick (EA and Monitor)
Mrs. A. Arsenault (EA and Monitor)
Ms. J. Gage (EA and Monitor)
Mr. BJ Nicholson (Custodian)
Miss. J. Connolly (Music)
Mlle A. Hirtle (French)
Mr. D. Rafuse (Physical Education) 
Mrs. S. Small (Speech Language Pathologist)
Mrs. S. Bateman (Elementary Guidance Teacher)
Mrs. Lisa Craig(Psychologist)
TBD (Student Support Worker)
Mr. A. Houston (Math Support Teacher)
Ms. K MacDonald (Child and Youth Care Practitioner)
TBD Literacy Mentor
Bonnie Moore Math Coach/Mentor